<br>Blue Sapphire <br>(12mm x 10mm) Service

Blue Sapphire
(12mm x 10mm)
Price £270

Blue Sapphire is the stone for Planet Saturn. It is known as "Neelam" in Hindi. BlueSapphire is available in Dark or light blue color.It is the rashi stone for Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is one stone that can give very beneficial results, however if it does not prove suitable, it can destroy the life of the native totally. Therefore before wearing Blue Sapphire it is important that you test it. Blue Sapphire can bring enormous success in life. Blue Sapphire is good for industrialist and those dealing in minerals, land, real estate and property.

Procedure to wear Blue Sapphire: Blue Sapphire is worn on right hand middle finger in Silver on Saturday morning. The puja of the ring is essential to see the good effects and should be done before wearing it to see good results. Puja includes blue flowers, incense and camphor. The below given Saturn mantra should be recited 108 times to energize the ring.

Saturn Mantra: "Om Sham Shanaischaraaya Namaha"

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