Red Coral (10mm x 8mm) Service
Red Coral (10mm x 8mm)
Price £195

Red Coral as the name suggests is in Red Color. It is the stone for planet Mars. It is known as "Moonga" in Hindi. Red Coral is the rashi stone of Aries and Scorpio. Red Coral if worn will bestow health, courage, name, fame and energy to the body. The native will be blessed with intelligence and have success in professional life. It also gives land and property. As per medical astrology Red Coral helps cure blood related problems. It cures many kinds of physical and mental diseases. It is used to remove impediments that are bringing failure in a native's life.

Procedure to wear Red Coral: Red Corel can be worn in a ring made of Silver. Puja of the ring should include Red flowers, Red Lentil dal, incense and camphor. The ring should be worn in the morning on Tuesday on right hand ring finger. The Mars mantra given below should be recited 108 times to energize the ring before you wear it for its good results.

Mars Mantra: "Om Am AngaarakaayaNamaha"

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