Hessonite (Gomeda ) Garnet (9.5mm x 7.5mm) Service
Hessonite (Gomeda ) Garnet (9.5mm x 7.5mm)
Price £475

Hessonite is the stone for Rahu. It is known as "Gomeda" in Hindi. Hessonite is a red smoke colour stone. The Ceylon Hessonite is of Honey colour. Hessonite is a stone which bestows good health, win over enemies, unexpected financial gains and prosperity. As per medical astrology Hessonite cures skin diseases, ulcers, boils etc. It gives higher knowledge and intelligence. The native will be successful in his/her ventures and the adverse effects caused by enemies will also vanish. Hessonite is also one of the stones that should be worn after advice of an expert.

Procedure to wear Hessonite: Hessonite can be worn in a ring made of silver. The puja of the ring should include Blue Flower, black gram, incense and camphor. The ring should be worn in the morning on Wednesday or Saturday on right hand middle finger. The Rahu mantra given below should be recited 108 times before you wear it to get the best results.

Rahu Mantra: "Om RaamRahaveNamaha"

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