Cats Eye Green (10mm x 8mm) Service
Cats Eye Green (10mm x 8mm)
Price £395

Cats Eye is the stone for Ketu. Cat's Eye is known as "Lehsunia" in Hindi. Cat's eyes are yellowish or blackish or greenish in colour, inside there is a shining band which moves when the stone is turned. Cat's eye is a good stone for victory over enemies and also gives protection from enemies. Cat's eye grants philosophical disposition and mental agility. The native gets name and fame in his/her ventures. It brings success in business and spiritual wisdom. As per medical astrology Cats eye brings mental peace, it also protects from pimples, accidents.

Procedure to wear Cats eye: Cats eye should be worn in a ring made of Silver. The ring is worn on the right hand middle finger on Saturday morning. Wash Cats eye ring, apply sandal and kumkum and dry with a grey cloth. Recite the below given mantra 108 times to energize the same.

Ketu Mantra: "Om KemKetaveNamaha"

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