Red Garnet <br>(8.17mm x 6.18mm x 4.14mm) Service
Red Garnet
(8.17mm x 6.18mm x 4.14mm)
Price £185

This gemstone is ruled by the sun, it is also known as Manik in Hindi.Ruby is known as the "King of the Gems", it bestows status, name and fame. It gives the powers of Sun which brings good health and power. It is the rashi stone for leo (Simha). Ruby gemstone has lot of use in medical astrology. It cures digestion and increases semen. It also cures ailments due to past karmas and previous birth sin. The gemstone comes in dark red to light pink color.

Procedure to Wear Ruby:Ruby is worn in a ring of Gold or even can be worn in copper. The ring is worn on Sunday morning during the period of Shukal Paksha after energizing the ring. Puja of the ring should include red flowers, incense and camphor. The ring should be worn on your right hand ring finger. The Surya mantra given below should be recited 108 times to energize the ring before you wear it.

Surya Mantra:"Om Gruni Suryaaya Namaha"

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