White Sapphire (7.04mm x 5.19mm x 3.35mm) Service
White Sapphire (7.04mm x 5.19mm x 3.35mm)
Price £375

White Sapphire is the substitute for Diamond and is the stone for Venus. A good quality Diamond can be of white, blue colours. Diamond is known as "Heera" in Hindi. It is the rashi stone of Taurus and Libra. Diamond ensures luxuries, comforts and a charming personality. It blesses the native with marriage, love, romance, creativity and good fortune. It ensures happy marital life, possession of wealth and luxuries in life. As per medical astrology Diamond cures diseases related to kidney and reproductive organs. It helps improve the sexual life of the person.

Procedure to wear Diamond: Diamond is worn in a ring made of Silver. Puja of the ring should include white flowers, milk, sugar, incense and camphor. The ring should be worn in the morning on Friday on right hand middle finger. The Venus mantra should be recited 108 times to energize the ring for best results before it is worn.

Venus Mantra: "Om Shum ShukraayaNamaha"

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