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In today’s world where life is full of challenges it is becoming difficult to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Rise in inflation, uncertainly on the job front can only make this even worse. You cannot cut down on your expenses totally, but you can certainly do things that can improve your earning. The second house is the house of finance in the horoscope. If there is affliction on the second house and second lord, the native will suffer on the financial front. Jupiter is the karka for finance; if Jupiter is weak in a horoscope the native will not get the desired results, despite his best efforts. Saving money will become a major challenge. Astrology is an amazing science which can give you guidance on your finance issues. With the help of astrology you can know your potential as to how much you can attain in life and also where you need to focus. Our expert astrologer will provide you with an in-depth analysis on your horoscope and provide you simple remedies to solve finance related issues in your life.

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