Muhurata Service |
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In Vedic astrology “Mahurat” has lot of significance. Mahurat is choosing an auspicious time for undertaking an important event. It is popularly said that “A good beginning makes a good ending”, therefore a good muhurta takes advantage of the cosmic energies and gives the extra impetus to work in your favour and complete the work successfully. It may be auspicious events like marriage, entering a new house, renting a house, engagement, starting a new construction are some of the work that should be done in a good and auspicious muhurta. As Robert Schuller, the great American motivational speaker once said “Winning starts with beginning”, starting on a positive and auspicious Muhurta is like a recipe for success. If you are interested in knowing about a good mahurat for some important work, our expert astrologer will guide you with the most auspicious mahurat for dates and time.

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